Monthly Archives: September 2015

Avoid the Dreadful Flu This Season!

In the 31 flu seasons between 1976 and 2007, the reported deaths from the flu virus have ranged from 3,000 to 49,000. That means in one season alone, there were 49,000 flu-related deaths! That number is staggering considering most of those probably could have been prevented by one simple solution: the flu shot. Team PPC… Read more

Tips and Tools for Top-of-the-line Teamwork

As you are well aware, here at PPC, we have one of the best teams of any workplace around. We don’t have separate teams like most organizations, we have one, cohesive, fantastic team —a family. Over the years, PPC has implemented some best practices for building a super team, but the following tips and tools… Read more

Drive Safely as it Gets Darker

One of the tells of the winter season is the darkness that happens earlier and lasts longer than it does in the summer. In the winter months, particularly December, the sunset in Arizona can start as early as 5:15pm and sunrise can occur as late as 7:30am. In Seattle, there’s even more darkness with sunrise… Read more

North High, Phoenix, Arizona: New Look for a New School Year

As the new school year rings out across the valley, you can see Penington Painting Company’s handiwork at the newly repainted North High School, in Downtown Phoenix. Painting an entire school is no easy task and but we are proud to announce that the paint has dried in time for classes to begin and minds… Read more