Town Gathers to Paint 30 Buildings

When people come together to get things accomplished, the results can be incredible. Locals in Springfield, Missouri decided to volunteer their time and energy to give at least 30 buildings on Commercial Street a brand new coat of paint.

This act of kindness is part of a movement called “Paint the Town,” which was originally put together by Delilah Rene, a radio talk show host. Delilah Rene’s mission is to give forgotten areas a second chance at life by providing buildings with a fresh new coat of paint.

After working to help restore her hometown in Port Orchard, Washington, Rene decided to turn her efforts into a community project so that other neighborhoods would be able to benefit as well.

Each year, Paint the Town chooses a community to help rehabilitate. This year, Springfield was chosen because of Commercial Street’s vibrant sense of community. Paint the Town looks for streets which convey promise but may be in need of a makeover.

During the painting process, business owners are able to choose which paint color they want to use for their building. While volunteers are in charge of painting, prep work is completed beforehand.

Something truly incredible about this movement is the transformation that volunteers are able to witness. Because so many buildings can be repainted over the period of a few days, volunteers are able to immediately see the result of their handiwork. Although experience is not necessary in order to participate, experienced painters can help lead a team resulting in increased efficiency and quality control.