When is it Time to Repaint Your House?

Last month, we talked about how to choose the right color for your home when repainting, but first, you should know how to spot the signs that are telling you it’s time to repaint your house. As experts in the industry since 2004, Penington Painting Company wanted to share some of the most common signs we see on houses when it’s time to repaint the exterior of your home–besides just needing a change in aesthetic.

  1. Damaged or Rotting House Materials: If you notice your house materials, such as stucco or wood, are starting to rot, it’s definitely time to paint your house. Rotting materials are extremely dangerous to the structure and health of your house. Rotting wood or stucco will obviously lead to dry rot or water damage, which can cost you loads more than a simple paint job.
  2. Peeling or Fading Paint: Although these may be spotted together, they are two different stages of warning signs. Peeling paint usually happens after a simple fading of the paint. Peeling paint leaves your house unprotected and vulnerable to the elements. Peeling paint allows for water and sun to seep through and cause further damage. Fading paint is less dangerous, as it does not cause immediate damage, but it’s still a sign your paint could use a fresh coat.
  3. Bad Caulking/Sealants: Along with peeling paint, bad caulking or sealants can leave your home unprotected and vulnerable to the elements. If you notice your door and/or window seals are cracked, you’re allowing water to seep in and damage your home. Cracked caulking or sealants are definitely a sign your home could use a new protective barrier (paint job).

Repainting your home is a relatively inexpensive fix to problems that could be quickly expensive if left untreated. If you notice any of these warning signs on your home’s paint job, give Penington Painting Company a call.

warning signs to repaint the exterior of your home

Photo courtesy of Pexels by Binyamin Mellish