Summer Foods that are Good for your Health

During the summertime, BBQ’s and picnics are frequent, which can make it easier for you to overeat unhealthy foods. We know Team PPC works hard all year round, but we want to make sure you’re fueling your bodies with the most nutritious, healthy summer foods possible. Here are some of the healthier options you can choose while at your summer gatherings.

  1. Summer fruit: summer is arguably the best season for fruit. With peaches, pears, mangoes, melons, and more in season, it’s a sweet time to be enjoying healthy fruit. Delicious raw or cooked (mmm, grilled pineapple!), this food group is easy to enjoy. Fruit is actually also found on a list of foods that cool your body (list courtesy of
  2. cooling summer foodsHummus and veggies: skip all the cream and cheese-based dips this summer and opt for some hummus to dip chips or veggies in. There are some easy hummus recipes on the internet and you can make several different varieties that satisfy different palates. It’s also an easy way to swap chips for fresh veggies for dipping!
  3. Fish: Fish is an easy go-to summer protein option. Healthier than red meats, it provides more nutrients with less calories. Fish is much lighter than most meat options so you can avoid the meat sweats. It also goes with tons of summer recipes like grilled salmon, lobster rolls, shrimp skewers, etc.
  4. Sorbet: Ice cream is an easy-to-grab summer treat, but healthier and similar is sorbet! You can get many different flavors of sorbet, even chocolate! This delicious and refreshing treat has less calories, less fat, and more vitamins.
  5. Smoothies: Smoothies are a cooling way to get your fruit in, like sorbet. You can even sneak some spinach or kale into your smoothies to add a dose of vegetable (or you can include powdered doses of any supplement you prefer). If you’re looking for a less healthy option, add a splash of your favorite liqueur to your fruit smoothies to make a refreshing poolside drink.
  6. WATER: The healthiest and most important summer treat is water. All too often, people don’t drink enough water, and summer is a dangerous time to not be hydrated, especially with the work team PPC does. We know you’re probably all well-versed in staying hydrated, but a reminder never hurt anyone!


Stay hydrated, stay cool (if that’s possible in 115 degrees), and enjoy your summer!

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia by Prathyush Thomas.