How to Properly Clean Your Household Paint Tools

If you’ve just completed a paint job, you might be wondering what you’re supposed to do with your paint tools. Most people tend to throw out their rollers and trays only to buy more the next time they have a paint job to complete. However, that is entirely avoidable. We’ll teach you how.

Before starting any of this, it’s important to read up on the regulations regarding paint disposal in your area to make sure you’re not breaking any rules with your cleaning and disposal.

  • Tray: Pour any excess paint from your tray back into the paint can. Once your tray has been emptied, you can carry on by cleaning it the same way you would clean other dishes. Run the tray under cold water, wipe all paint residue off it, and allow it to completely dry before storing.
  • PPC method to cleaning paint suppliesRoller and Frame: Rollers and their frames are a little bit more tricky to wash because they hold the most paint. First, you’ll want to get the excess paint out of the actual roller. To do so, roll the paint tray or cardboard box with the roller until you feel the excess paint has come off. Then, run cold water onto the roller while squeezing the roller with your hands. Doing so will help you rinse out the paint. When the water is running clear, you’ve got all the paint out of the roller. To wash the frame, wash in the same manner you washed the tray. Hang to dry both the roller and frame.
  • Brushes: You’ll want to wash brushes in a similar fashion to washing the roller. Run the brushes under cold water while wringing them out with your hands. Once the water is running clear, the paint is out of the brush and the brush can be hung to dry.
  • Can: Save the disposal of your paint can until last, so you can use the can to hold the excess paint in your supplies. Once the supplies are all clean, it’s time to dispose of the can. Do so by following the specific paint disposal regulations of your city.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay by Stux.