Category: Safety

PPC’s Outstanding Safety Records

Through training, attention to detail, and team work, PPC has managed to achieve a completely accident and incident free quarter in both regions! This is a big accomplishment for the team, and it proves that we are capable of achieving our high safety standards. Congratulations to the entire Penington team on this accomplishment! We strive to… Read more

Industrial Building Maintenance You Might Have Forgotten About

It’s important to perform regular maintenance on all buildings, but especially industrial buildings. Industrial buildings tend to have more wear and tear than the average, simply due to the nature of the industrial work. Performing regular maintenance on the building is vital in making sure it stays well kept, so it can stand the test… Read more

Heat Safety: What to Wear and Eat in the Heat

The summer is almost halfway over (hang in there, Arizona)! Team PPC is no stranger to hard work, and we know how tough it can be to work outside when the temperatures are above 100 degrees. Team PPC is also no stranger to safety, so we already have a good grasp on how to stay… Read more

Summer Water Safety Tips

Last week we saw the official start of summer! If you live in Arizona, this means nothing to you. Arizona seasons are known, unofficially, as hot, very hot, extremely hot, and “Arizona Summer”. Welcome to “Arizona Summer”, Arizona! With the start of this season, we know you’ll be cooling off by diving into large bodies… Read more