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Photo Share: Intel Bridge in Oregon

Our Vice President, Pat Kichler took this beautiful picture of the Intel Pedestrian Bridge out in Oregon. Penington Painting completed this project a few years back, and we love this shot of the bridge at night. We are excited to share our pride in this finished project with all of you! More about this building:… Read more

The Coolest Wall Coverings

Statement walls are a great new trend people are adding to their homes to freshen them up. It doesn’t take much more than a fun design or texture on a wall the totally change the look and feel of a room. Since there are so many wall covering trends this season, we want to bring… Read more

The Problem of Overspray

Part of completing a safe, successful project is making sure the job site is setup properly. PPC has strict safety and project setup procedures, in which, we never cut corners. This setup includes protection against a common mistake known as overspray. Overspray happens to the best contractors, but it can be a catastrophic mistake. What… Read more

PPC Explains: How Anti-Graffiti Coatings Work

Graffiti is a raging problem in the United States. According to, LA County spends an average of $30 million a year on graffiti removal. That’s only one county in the entire country. Combine yearly spends like LA County, and you’re looking at hundreds of millions of dollars spent across the country on removing graffiti… Read more