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Am I Cleaning my Floors Properly?

In any commercial setting, including industrial settings, clean floors mean more than aesthetics and hygiene.  If you have safety lines on your floor, or lines that mark off pedestrian zones, these need to be clearly visible.  The safety of your workers is also improved by a clean, uniform flooring surface that reduces the potential for… Read more

The Many Benefits of Power Washing

Penington Painting is proud to offer power washing! Power washing is using high-pressure water to clean a surface. It sounds easy, but you should leave it to those who do it best. Just take a look at this poor guy on the right, who tried power-washing his deck himself and got distracted by a bug… Read more

Industrial Building Maintenance You Might Have Forgotten About

It’s important to perform regular maintenance on all buildings, but especially industrial buildings. Industrial buildings tend to have more wear and tear than the average, simply due to the nature of the industrial work. Performing regular maintenance on the building is vital in making sure it stays well kept, so it can stand the test… Read more

Heat Safety: Dangers of Working in the Heat

If you’re in our Southwest region, you know that Summer is knocking on the door…more like pounding. With temperatures already approaching 100, Arizona’s Summer has pretty much arrived. Because of this, we want to stress the importance of heat safety. When working in the heat, things can turn disastrous very quickly. We’ll talk more about… Read more