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The Many Benefits of Sandblasting

There are many benefits to sandblasting surfaces. As industry specialists, we know how valuable this service can be to our clients. We’d like to share some of the known benefits with you now. Quick and easy cleanup. When we say quick and easy cleanup, we mean both the cleaning of the surface and the cleaning… Read more

PPC Explains: Fireproof Coatings

Accidents happen, we all know this. One of the most tragic accidents that can happen to your building or home is a fire. It’s important to be prepared for every possible worst-case scenario, which is why we waterproof, have flood insurance, and use fireproof coating. What Are Fireproof Coatings? Fireproof coatings are paints that are… Read more

PPC Explains: The Importance of Waterproofing

Everyone knows Arizona is a dry, dry place. Because of this, it’s no surprise that many Arizona building owners might do all the right things when owning a building: obtain building insurance, perform regular maintenance, and require safety training, but in the end, forget about waterproofing their building. When you live in a consistently-damp place… Read more

PPC Explains: Types of Coatings

Penington Painting has a passion for both paint and sharing knowledge. As experts in the painting industry, Penington knows a thing or two about coatings. The world of coatings is vast, and few know exactly what make up such a category. Below are just a few of the different, many types of coatings often used… Read more