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PPC Explains: How to Properly Prepare for a Paint Job

When beginning a painting project, proper preparation can help your chances of completing the job successfully. Penington Painting would like to share some brief tips on how to prepare for your paint job. However, keep in mind that these are tips for smaller paint jobs. Larger paint jobs, such as construction projects or building painting… Read more

Effects of Bad Paint Jobs

Many people believe that a paint job is as easy as buying some brushes and the perfect color, but without the right patience and skill, a simple painting job can go very wrong. There are a lot of complicated steps in every paint job, and cutting corners can wind up costing you more money than expected…. Read more

The Importance of Stretch and Flex

Stretching and warming up before starting a job can bring you many benefits. Not only does it reduce your risk for injury on the job, but it also promotes a healthy and safe team culture. You wouldn’t participate in a sport or exercise before stretching, so why not stretch before starting your work day? It… Read more

How to Choose the Right Paint Finish

Whether you’re painting your house or your warehouse, it’s important to choose the right paint for the job. We use so many coatings and paints, it’d be an endless list to try to go through that whole list.  However, we’d like to quickly explain a few of the most common paint finish types to help… Read more