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PPC Supports Veterans

At PPC, we know the important role our troops play in the protection of our freedom and liberty. We wouldn’t be able to fulfill our hopes and dreams if it weren’t for the brave men and women making sacrifices for our country. For this reason and more, Team PPC makes sure to support our veterans’… Read more

Heat Safety: Dangers of Working in the Heat

If you’re in our Southwest region, you know that Summer is knocking on the door…more like pounding. With temperatures already approaching 100, Arizona’s Summer has pretty much arrived. Because of this, we want to stress the importance of heat safety. When working in the heat, things can turn disastrous very quickly. We’ll talk more about… Read more

PPC Explains: Cashmere Paint Systems

Here at PPC, we are big fans of Cashmere Paint Systems. We have a large pool of product options and are experts in choosing the correct products for the job. Sometimes, projects call for Cashmere paint when we need to achieve a stipple-free finish. What exactly is cashmere paint? Cashmere Paint System is a product… Read more

PPC Explains: How Anti-Graffiti Coatings Work

Graffiti is a raging problem in the United States. According to, LA County spends an average of $30 million a year on graffiti removal. That’s only one county in the entire country. Combine yearly spends like LA County, and you’re looking at hundreds of millions of dollars spent across the country on removing graffiti… Read more