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How Long Can You Expect Your Paint to Last?

You’ve spent a lot on your paint job in terms of time and money. After utilizing so many resources, you might be wondering how long your effort will last before you have to do it all again. How long your paint job will last depends on several factors. The first is whether or not you used… Read more

Holidays Are a Great Time for Factory Shutdown

Have you been putting off your factory maintenance because you’re avoiding the shutdown associated? We have good news: the holidays are the perfect time for your factory shutdown! We’re sure you know the importance of performing regular factory maintenance. However, despite the importance, sometimes it’s a real pain to stay current on all maintenance practices. No business… Read more

Did You Know? PPC is Hiring!

Become a part of the wonderful Team PPC! Get started with one of the best painting companies in the nation. We currently have offices in Arizona and Washington, but we’re still expanding! We’d love to have qualified, experienced people to join in the growth. Jerry Penington started PPC with the intention of being the Nordstrom… Read more

The Many Benefits of Sandblasting

There are many benefits to sandblasting surfaces. As industry specialists, we know how valuable this service can be to our clients. We’d like to share some of the known benefits with you now. Quick and easy cleanup. When we say quick and easy cleanup, we mean both the cleaning of the surface and the cleaning… Read more