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What Color Should You Paint Your House?

There are many factors that should play into your decision of choosing what color you should paint the exterior of your house. Since we’ve been professionals in this industry for so long, we’ve seen many homeowners pick a color they end up hating in a few weeks. We care deeply about our clients’ happiness, so… Read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Removing Wallpaper

Although wallpaper might not be as popular today as it was 20 years ago, decorative wallpaper is slowly making a comeback. If you find yourself in the situation of moving into a house with wallpaper or wanting to take down your own wallpaper project, these helpful tips should assist you in this process to ensure… Read more

Repainting Your House? Paint Your Rooms in This Order!

As the seasons change, many choose this time to repaint their living spaces. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all you need to make your home feel brand new again! However, beginning the task of repainting can seem quite daunting. Painting your rooms in the following order can make the process more enjoyable and… Read more

Chandler National Little League Championships

Those of you who are on Team PPC might know this already, but Chandler National Little League has been using Penington Painting’s batting cages for a few years now. The league just wrapped up their 2017 Spring Season, and we were extremely excited to see that the two teams that use the PPC batting cages were the… Read more