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Paint Around the World: Arizona’s Turquoise McDonald’s Arch

If you live in Arizona, chances are, you’ve probably made the trip north to the majestic town of Sedona. While you were in Sedona, you might have noticed or dined at the local McDonald’s. While much of Sedona’s McDonald’s is the same: crispy fries, Big Macs, golden chicken nuggets, the most iconic aspect of the… Read more

A Simple Metro Paint Job Causes Uproar

At the end of March, the Metro decided to paint Union Station walls white. While this seems like a trivial piece of news, some of the public was particularly disturbed by this decision. The concerned public argued the concrete walls were part of what made Union Station so great and historic. The concrete walls are… Read more

Painting a Statue of Abraham Lincoln

At Penington, we are not only experts in the painting industry, but we are fans of the painting industry, too! We still get excited over painting industry news, and we wish to support all of our fellow painting companies out there. Because of this, we’d love to share some painting news that comes from our… Read more

Importance of Preserving Historical Buildings

In most cities, there are several landmarks that might not be utilized, but simply cannot be replaced. Historical buildings are an asset to the cities they reside in, bringing tourists, adding cultural perspective, and other qualities for the communities they surround. At PPC, we take jobs regarding historical buildings very seriously. We do our part… Read more