Chandler Little League All Stars: Good Luck!

The 2017 season is about the start for the Chandler Little League All Stars! Over 1000 kids have been able to play baseball with this organization and Penington is proud to sponsor this team! We donate the use of our batting cages here at Penington’s Headquarters, and we love seeing them practice! Everyone on Team… Read more

How Long Can You Expect Your Paint to Last?

paint job lasting

You’ve spent a lot on your paint job in terms of time and money. After utilizing so many resources, you might be wondering how long your effort will last before you have to do it all again. How long your paint job will last depends on several factors. The first is whether or not you used… Read more

How Does Winter Weather Affect Painting?

tips for painting in cold weather to get an even paint job

If you have painting tasks that need to be completed, it’s usually a good idea to get those projects done before the winter rolls in. However, sometimes other priorities get in the way and we can’t help but find ourselves painting in the middle of winter. If you find yourself in this situation, or about… Read more