Abrasive Blasting: More Than a Facebook Activity

abrasive blasting

Abrasive blasting is the process blasting a highly pressurized media against a surface to either smooth a rough surface, texture a smooth surface, remove surface contaminants. There are many types of abrasive blasting, and many different materials (media) that get blasted including: Mineral – Silica sand is a common mineral abrasive. It breaks up quickly,… Read more

PPC’s Safety Tips for Preventing Falls

University of Washington — Bothell, Everett WA

OSHA has very strict guidelines for safety. We follow these guidelines to a tee and go beyond them whenever necessary. Since we pride ourselves on safety at PPC, we wanted to share a brief overview of OSHA’s guidelines regarding preventing falls on projects. This is our rulebook for every job, which every employee is trained… Read more

Protecting Eyes, Nose, and Lungs from Paint

penington painting

When painting for any job, it is important to know the dangers of the materials you are using. Paints, primers, sealants, and solvents have hazardous materials that have potential to be extremely dangerous to personal health and the environment. Team PPC runs through several safety procedures to make sure we are performing our safest on… Read more

How Weather Affects Painting

seattle weather painting

In industrial projects, latex paint is rarely used.  Urethane or epoxy-based coatings are 2  or 3- component products. They are “chemically-cured” products, and if the temperature is not controlled properly, the coating will not properly cure.  Containing the environment — the temperature, humidity, etc. — within specs is not as easy as you may think!… Read more